August 1, 2005

Getty Gets Shulman

L.A. STORY: Julius Shulman at the Getty

According to Julius Shulman he never planned to be a photographer, let alone a famed one whose images of West Coast modern architecture are now icons of American architectural history. Simply, he was a guy fresh from UCLA and Berkeley with a Vest Pocket Kodak camera who in 1936 just happened to become acquainted with someone in architect Richard Neutra's office. That connection got Shulman a tour of Neutra's Kun House during which he snapped some photos. When Neutra saw the resulting 8 x 10s, Shulman's amateur status ended -- he was hired to photograph multiple projects for the modern master and a great artistic career had begun (the equivalent of being selected for stardom at Schwab’s). Shulman instantly became an architectural photographer par excellence.