September 1, 2005

Modern Long Ago

Book Review
FLORIDA MODERN: Residential Architecture 1945-1970
Jan Hochstim
Principal photographay by Steven Brooke
Rizzoli International Publications

The latest volume on Florida-based mid-century architecture, Rizzoli's Florida Modern: Residential Architecture 1945-1970 by Jan Hochstim, is a beautifully produced book that examines the wealth and regional breadth of modernism in southern Florida. Covering the work of the best known names, from Paul Rudolph to Rufus Nims, Florida Modern also showcases the work of some lesser known, but meaningful talents. The result is a well-organized volume (South Atlantic Coast, South Gulf Coast, Mid Gulf Coast and Central and Northern Florida, all get their due) that should be an essential reference for anyone interested in the scope and variety of postwar residential architecture in Florida.

Architectural Tourism: L.A.

Disney Hall in Los Angeles

Should you plan a trip to Los Angeles, consider taking time to tour Frank Gehry’s landmark Walt Disney Hall, the building designed before Gehry's extraordinary Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, but completed afterwards. Although the structure differs significantly from Gehry's Spanish masterpiece, there are certainly striking similarities due to Gehry's signature manipulation of geometry that has so affected the way we now look at contemporary architecture. (Note that the tour does not include the main auditorium. In order to experience that space you will need to invest in a ticket to a performance.)