December 30, 2005

Go Figure

Turning Torso in Malmö, Sweden

The Architect in His Own Words: Santiago Calatrava  

Following the opening of Santiago Calatrava's exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Contributing Editor, Hilary Lewis, sat down with the architect at his private residence in Manhattan.  Surrounded by sculptures and drawings of his own design, Calatrava spoke about the importance of housing, figurative art and new ideas in architecture for the 21st century.

HL:  Let’s start off by talking about your recent residential projects, your proposed building in Chicago, your housing block in Malmö, Sweden, Turning Torso, and the project in process in New York, 80 South Street

At what stage is the Chicago project? 

SC:  We are in the beginning.  We have produced a beautiful idea.  We are polishing it.  We are working on it.  I am very much interested in making a beautiful building in the wonderful city of Chicago. We have been doing all the physical studies, for stability and wind.   So we are trying to push ahead.

December 1, 2005

Remembrance: Philip Johnson


(originally published as In Memoriam: Philip Johnson in Harvard Design Magazine's Fall 2005/Winter 2006, issue 23. online version)

Philip Johnson was known for his quick embrace of trends, which may indeed be, in part, a product of his time spent at Harvard, despite the intentions of many of his teachers. Often, he would speak to me about his years in Cambridge, especially in the 1920s, when he studied philosophy, not yet architecture. That exposure, from 1923 to 1930, laid the groundwork for Johnson's professional path in more ways than one.